‘The Memory Collective’ – New collaborative work by Damien Kamholtz

The Memory CollectivePerformer Kirsty Lee interacts with Kanholtz’s painting during the collaboration – Photo: Victoria Cooper & Doug Spowart

The Memory Collective is a multi-disciplinary collaboration orchestrated by artist Damien Kamholtz. Kamholtz states: The Memory Collective Project is a creative collaboration between 12 artists across eight artistic disciplines exploring concepts and themes relating to the human condition such as change, constants, history, refection and memory. The artworks created during the project will make up an exhibition to be held at the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery in September 2013.

There are different stages to the project. First Kamholtz created a large 2.2 metre square painting, while sculptor, Jessie Wright constructed the large vessel to hold the water. Kamholtz’s painting is embedded with personal meaning in the form of fragments of his past art, the ashes of diaries. In the presence of this artwork we are drawn into a poetic landscape where faces emerge; symbols and totems slip from passive dark spaces and come into conscious awareness.

The second stage of the work was the performance in the form of 9 responses to the painting by Kristy Lee. The painting and the pool created the reflective and reflexive performative space and the transformative process of the original painting then began. Integral to the space were David Usher’s delicate pots; these vessels contained the pallet of shades that then shrouded and clouded the memory of the work. Over the course of the day the painting’s physical form was transformed into something different loosing its current visual form as only a memory.

Our part of the collaboration was to witness, respond and record the transformation of the work over the day. The next stage of the Memory Collective’s work will continue over the next month our component will be to create 9 large collaged photograph memory states of the work for the show in September. Works by others include; a video art piece, a documentary video, a soundscape, interviews, prose and poems. It is a significant project and is being funded by the RADF and supported through the exhibition at the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery.

Text written by ‘The Memory Collective’ co-collaborators Victoria Cooper and Doug Spowart. To view original post with more images click here to visit Victoria Cooper and Doug Spowart blog.

Damien Kamholtz is represented by Arthouse Gallery in Sydney to view early works by Damien click here.

Memory Collective PaintingThe Memory Collective painting by Damien Kamholtz
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Hobie Porter and Susan Baird – Colville Art Prize Finalists

Tenterfield WidescreenHobie Porter Tenterfield Widescreen oil on linen 50 x 100cm

Congratulations to Arthouse Gallery artists Hobie Porter and Susan Baird who have been selected as finalists in the inaugural 2013 Colville Lloyd Rees Art Prize. The prize honours the name and legacy of the great Australian landscape artist Lloyd Rees. His principle of ‘light in the landscape’ will encapsulate the essence of this award. The $10,000 award will be announced at the opening this Thursday, 4th July. The judge will be Hendrik Kolenberg, Senior Curator AGNSW, who previously knew Lloyd Rees and has published a number of books including the new text on Lloyd Rees and his works in public collections. We wish Hobie and Susan the best of luck.

WATERHOLE IISusan Baird Last Light Gully oil on linen 25 x 30cm
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Kendal Murray exhibiting in ‘Story’ at Penrith Regional Gallery

KM12_Earthward_Skyward_HomewardEarthward, Skyward, Homeward, Kendal Murray 21 x 26 x 16 cm – mixed media assemblage

Kendal Murray will be exhibiting a collection of amazing whimsical miniatures as apart of the group show Story at Lewers Learning Centre, Penrith Regional Gallery from 25 May – 15 September 2013.

Kendal Murray was told by a teacher, as a nine year old, that she had a tendency to daydream and in her words she has been trying to live that down ever since. Humour plays an important part in her art practice where she creates miniature, parallel worlds, tiny snapshots inspired by dream states. In these works, she uses found objects like tea pots, compacts and grass covered purses as the setting for her tiny characters, to play out everyday activities with an odd twist. For example, in a mirrored compact we find shoppers involved in a shopping trolley race; and on a grass covered purse we see a marathon runner totally unaware that he is being followed by a small flock of sheep. On another purse which takes the form of a parkland setting, a small crowd is divided as to whether a young boy in the upper most branches of a tree should save the pet cat, or maybe the lost balloons. Which would you choose?

The Story exhibition will explore how a maverick group of contemporary artists use art materials and surprising objects in whimsical and ingenious ways to create theatrical scenes, quirky characters and artwork loaded with narrative potential. Each of the doorways into the four rooms of Lewers Learning Centre will be the threshold into an adventure of a different kind and each room will have a hands-on interactive element that invites visitors to continue the story. Story features the work of Shaun Tan, Kate Mitchell, Alasdair Macintyre, Naomi Ullman, Hendrik Gericke, Catherine O’Donnell,  Myluyn Nguyen and our very own, ‘Queen of the Miniature’ – Kendal Murray

KM12_Fetch_Snatch_Stretch_CatchFetch, Snatch, Stretch, Catch, Kendal Murray 12 x 11 x 12 – mixed media assemblage
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Greg Mallyon Post Graduate Artist in Residence

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGreg Mallyon has commenced a 1 month residency at the famous printmaking studios of the Scoula di Grafica in Venice . Throughout April he is working on a new series of paintings, etchings and monotypes of his distinctive aerial landscapes . These have been inspired by photos taken of his flight over Europe including stopovers in The Middle East. His work will also be informed by the wealth of museums , galleries and masterpieces on display in Italy.


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Susan Baird: ‘Being in Landscape’ on display at Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

WATERHOLE IILast Light Gully oil on linen 25 x 30cm

Susan Baird will be exhibiting a new collection of landscape paintings at Bathurst Regional Gallery from from 22 March – 12 May 2013.

“Bathurst Regional Art Gallery (BRAG) is proud to present Susan Baird: Being in Landscape as part of our ongoing commitment to showcasing artists investigating the rich cultural history of the historic gold mining village of Hill End.

Baird describes Hill End as being a muse for her recent work. The paintings in this exhibition have evolved from her participation in the Hill End Artists in Residence Program – initially at Haefligers Cottage in April 2011 and then at Murray’s Cottage in November 2012. Working en plein air the artist captures the landscape and light of this unique place.

This exceptionally beautiful body of work developed by Baird over her two residencies represents her personal response to the seductive landscape of Hill End.”- Richard Perram Director, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery March 2013.

We also look forward to Susan Baird’s upcoming exhibition at Arthouse Gallery from 16 May – 8 June 2013.

Oil on linen 36 x 40.5cmMoonlight Gully oil on linen 56 x 56cm

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Upcoming Exhibitions: Leah Fraser & James Ettelson

Arthouse Gallery is delighted to announce it will be exhibiting works from two exciting emerging talents Leah Fraser & James Ettelson from Wednesday 27 February till Saturday 16 March. We will be hosting a champagne preview for both exhibitions  on Wednesday 27th February from 6 – 8pm.


Leah Fraser will be making her Arthouse Gallery debut with her intriguing solo show ‘The Valley of the Silver Moon’. A COFA graduate, Fraser has previously exhibited in Sydney and Melbourne, as well as participating in a residency in Mexico, which further developed her complementary ceramics practice. The artist’s lyrical paintings and ceramics take inspiration from diverse folk mythologies and children’s tales and depict shaman-like characters traveling through mystic lands in a state of spiritual metamorphosis.

Click below to preview exhibition catalogue.

Click to download Leah Fraser’s catalogue as a pdf (iphone friendly)

JE13_harry_loresFollowing the success of his sellout solo show last February, Laugh, at Arthouse Gallery 27-year-old James Ettelson approached the rest of the year with the same energy exhibited in his painting practice. 2012 saw Ettelson journey to Los Angeles where he travelled extensively in order to absorb the city’s vibrant youth street culture. Upon his return Ettelson moved his studio to Byron Bay where much of this new collection of work was created. For this latest exhibition with Arthouse Gallery, the ever-candid Ettelson analyses popular culture’s preoccupation with love and its influence on our own personal relationship with that very complex emotion.

Click below to preview exhibition catalogue.

Click to download James Ettelson’s catalogue as a pdf (iphone friendly)

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Lulu Pinkus ‘Transfiguration’

Lulu’s latest work explores a fantastical world where characters including Female archetypes, Religious icons and Nature itself, play out a drama of repression, departure, flight and transfiguration. The narrative unfolds within and between the paintings, referencing Classical mythology, Surrealism and Cinema. The work depicts the spectrum from constraint to liberation. Lulu builds the work using fine brushes and multiple layers of acrylic washes and varnish.

In anticipation of Lulu Pinkus’ upcoming show ‘Transfiguration’, noted arts reporter Caroline Baum sat down with the artist to discuss the inspiration behind her work (above).

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